Onda Stylus

The most revolutionary personal 3D printed product yet. Onda takes a dematerialized form, one which would be impossible with traditional manufacturing techniques, to deliver the most iconic digital writing tool.

Each Onda stylus is 3D printed in stainless steel, bronze, and matte black finishes. The conductivity of the metal takes your finger’s conductivity and passes it to a precision silicone disk that inputs it onto any smart screen.


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Alvaro Uribe is an American born, Colombian raised, New York-based  Designer working across multiple disciplines, injecting products with a sculptural approach and beauty to products for everyday living.


Today we interact with products more than with anything else in our lives; products which enhance and elevate  our experience. This is why we believe in the magic of form, color, and materials, as ingredients to create meaningful products that will last a lifetime.


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Dandelion Jewelry

A free-spirited collection of powerful fusion of complexity and simplicity. The Dandelion ring brings the magic of a flower that we dare not touch by the fear of destroying its beauty.

Crafted in Silver, Bronze, and Rose Gold, each Dandelion piece is designed to enhance the user’s beauty.

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Moderne Collection for Nambe

By combining traditional manufacturing techniques with modern design, we created a timeless collection that carries a story that lends meaning, truth, and elegance to every use.

Moderne is a beautiful collection of glass serveware and giftware, each piece of Moderne is individually handcrafted by European artisans. Mouth blown and hand cut using time-tested techniques; no two forms are exactly alike, making each a true work of art.

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