There is a fluidity to my work that speaks about natural form and sensual movement that is both provocative and filled with life. Although I am influenced by my everyday interactions and the goal to better the world, dance, nature and art is what stimulates my work both poetically and functionally.


My desire is to make people smile when they see or touch one of our products because it has exceeded their expectations of how it looks or works. This positive energy is then shared with the world around us.


Being raised in Bogota Colombia, I was fortunate to be exposed to a variety of colors and rhythms, which only later in life became essential to my design approach. We interact with more products in one day than we do with people in one month, and many of these are becoming digital interactions. Every design I create is an attempt to inject life into the elements that compose the product in an effort to make our interactions more sensorial, dynamic and optimistic.

I am eternally fascinated by nature and science, and it’s my belief these are the only phenomenon that will always incur humans admiration and curiosity. Both aesthetically and functionally, I look to mimic the ingenuity of nature to create designs that are both efficient and have vitality to them.