Iceberg Chandelier
Iceberg Chandelier
Long Iceberg
Medium Iceberg
Small Iceberg

Take a peek under an iceberg

Iceberg, as the name states, was inspired by the form and beauty of these large glacial structures. We wanted to give people a view they had only dreamed of or seen in pictures. When was the last time you looked at an iceberg from underneath? Hence we created a series of pendants that together will recreate the diffusion of light through thick ice. Our approach was not the ordinary product route; we had to implement new ways to create form to capture the shape that only water can create. The result was an incredible array of glass sculptures gracefully floating in space that illuminate with a subtle white and blue light.

Tsunami and Alvaro Uribe Design began their collaboration in 2013 with the goal to grow the companies’ lighting line, but mostly to bring some provoking and stylish items for 2014. Tsunami is a Canadian company based in Windsor Ontario, which was founded by Eva Milinkovic and Kriston Gene in 2014. The company stands apart from any traditional glass producer, as Tsunami creates fresh modern items that lend themselves to any modern space. Tsunami’s philosophy is reflected in consistency and perseverance to the truth of their designs, incorporating quality, form, color and nature into graceful objects.