Lava Drops
Gold/Pink Lava Drops
Gold Lava Drops
Pink Lava Drops
Silver Blue Lava Drops
Silver Lava Drops

Frozen in space these lights capture the spirit of fluid lava as if it were floating on liquid and frozen in time. We wanted to celebrate, with this metaphor, the way the designs are actually made. Glass products always start with a glowing bud of molten glass, usually known as “gather”, that looks very similar to molten lava. During this moment of the sculpting process, glass is flexible as clay allowing the glassblower to sculpt it. Hence each Lava drop reflects the flexibility of the material while still resembling its initial droplet shape.

“When we started the project we wanted to capture the essence of Tsunami’s brand and core products, they all had a mystic aurora of color and form that touched you deep in a way only nature can do.”

Made of mirrored glass each drop works as a source of light as well as a reflector, multiplying the light and widening its range. When off or during the day, the light behaves as if it were still on, as it reflects natural light through its sculptural body. Whether on or off, the lamps reflect a distorted environment that translates you to a parallel world.

Tsunami and Alvaro Uribe Design began their collaboration in 2013 with the goal to grow the companies’ lighting line, but mostly to bring some provoking and stylish items for 2014. Tsunami is a Canadian company based in Windsor Ontario, which was founded by Eva Milinkovic and Kriston Gene in 2014. The company stands apart from any traditional glass producer, as Tsunami creates fresh modern items that lend themselves to any modern space. Tsunami’s philosophy is reflected in consistency and perseverance to the truth of their designs, incorporating quality, form, color and nature into graceful objects.

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