Plum Stool Series 1

The Future of Form

The Plum Stool is a concept that organically combines structure, form, and material into one. The aerodynamic form of the Plum Stool emulates the way that natural forms grow and evolve, always aiming for efficiency. The overall gesture resembles that of an acrobat; the legs flow in a harmonic dance towards the front to form the seating area.The name Plum is a derivative of the word “Pluma” which translates to “Feather”. This is due to the fact that by combining new material, form creation, and structural logic you can accomplish astonishing lightness.

Lightweight Structures

Advances in materials and manufacturing technologies are giving us a new freedom to create not from strict geometries, but from usability needs and sculptural approach. For this reason, the form of the stool is designed to have strategic ribs where pressure and weight will be applied.

BMW i8 Introduction

The BMW i8 has revolutionized the  luxury sports vehicle class. As the first sports car with the consumption and emission values it integrates a carbon fiber skeleton, that makes it both light and solid. The car was introduced in Beijing to exclusive buyers in October 2015, and next to the car were our revolutionary carbon fiber Plum Stools.

Red Dot Design Award

We were honored to receive the Red Dot Design Award recognition, a quality seal only on products which set themselves apart with their good design from comparable objects on the market.

Plum Stools, a vision of the future in M. Night Shyamalan’s  sci-fi vision “After Earth”


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