Saturn Bottle Opener

A bottle opener from another planet

Saturn Bottle combines the fluidity of an organic shape with the rigor of a 3D printed metal structure. The overall shape of the bottle opener is derived from observation and study of tensile surfaces, where one single surface bends to create a structural singularity.

Inspired by the iconic beauty of planetary ring systems, the body of the bottle opener is divided into individual rings that topographical form its the dimensional shape. Utilizing 3D printed steel, the shape uses an optimum amount of material, and the texture of each print gives each bottle opener a unique finish that alludes to Saturn’s dust rings.

Beautifully organic and powerful, each piece in the Saturn Collection take in the cosmos revolving nature, referencing the undulating bodies that gravitate around each other. As with the natural, fluid outlines of signature of Alvaro Uribe, the designs echo nature’s distinct sculptural forms.

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