Ciclex Mixer

Concept Project

The Cylex Mixer is designed to bring a more contemporary feel to a vital kitchen appliance. The design’s form allows for storing two beaters within the body, keeping it tight inside a drawer or cabinet. With a sturdy clip system paired with an invisible magnet on the front, each beater is assured to stay in place while also easily removable by hand. The mixer handle was designed to control the power and the speed through different fingers. A trigger on the interior area of the handle turns on and off the mixer, while the slide bar allows for the increase of speed of the mixer. Control graphics etched onto the aluminum of the base ensure these will ¬never fade out or blur. Multifunction is a big part of the design. When stored, the mixer cables can be rolled around the back, and a small grove keeps it from getting loose. When in use, the same groove serves to rest the mixer on the edge of the bowl, putting more pressure without holding the mixer in the air constantly.