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Onda Stylus

Self Produced

Onda Stylus

Self Produced

Onda Stylus

Self Produced

Rethinking Tools




3D Printed Stainless Steel


IDA Award

Onda captures the beauty and the poetry of modern technology. While the traditional pen has always been a solid tube to hold the ink, a stylus and digital tools didn’t need to take on this typology to work. Utilizing 3D printed technology, the Onda explores a new architecture for a writing tool that would be impossible with traditional manufacturing techniques.


Onda Finishes

3D printing allows for a new and fascinating process whereby unnecessary and heavy material can be removed, reduced, or completely eliminated. Printed in solid stainless steel, the Onda Stylus is both strong and incredibly light. The design comfortably fits into your pocket or magically snaps onto any magnetic surface, such as those in iPads.

In Context

While 3D printing was once a tool to test products before they were tooled and produced, today is empowering creatives to make their products, creating a new market where the designer is in direct communication with the end-user and can receive quick feedback, change and update a design, without any additional cost, just like phone applications and developers.