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Pure Collection

for Lyfe

Pure Collection

for Lyfe

Pure Collection

for Lyfe

State-of-the-art Bar




Stainless Steel


Elevate your bar with the Pure collection – and give new life to your entertainment tools. Riffled lines from the Functionalist period are applied with a distinct touch of elegance on contemporary sensual sculpted bodies in stainless steel.


Pure Bottle Opener

The Pure Bottle Opener takes a fluid aerodynamic shape that immediately lures to be held and used. The ridges on its back capture light and shadow as if it were a fine jewelry piece and make the design a display piece to share. The bottle opener instantly forges an emotional connection with the user, with an expressive form unique to Alvaro Uribe’s vision. Made of cast Stainless Steel, the bottle opener is compact, and its smooth polished surface is pleasing to the touch. Its durable construction makes it a piece to pass down for generations, making it a design for life.

Pure Cork Screw

Opening a bottle can be easy, painful, or a fascinating experience. This three-legged corkscrew hugs the bottle mouth and pulls the cork as you gently twist the handle. Slowly and securely, the cork lifts, avoiding any spills. Casted in Stainless Steel, it is part of the Pure Collection, a timeless piece for every wine connoisseur.

Pure Icecream Scoop

The Pure Ice Cream Scoop brings a modern and sophisticated feel to your party, serving with a sculpted handle and ideally proportioned body. The head is carefully designed to roll out the ice cream naturally and effortlessly. The ridges on its back capture light and shadow and make the design a display piece to share. Made of cast stainless steel, the tool has the ideal weight and strength needed to carve that cold ice cream out.

Pure Wine Rack

The enjoyment of a wine starts before the bottle is opened, it starts with the admiration of a good vintage bottle. The Pure Wine Rack was designed to display three special selections of your wine in a unique and elegant way, one that captures the imagination. Inspired by geometrical patterns used in jewelry making, the Pure Wine Rack uses three interlocking supporting elements that hold each bottle as if it was levitating within a stylish stainless steel ring. Two independent supports allow the overall structure of the design to rotate giving a different feel to the design.

Made entirely of stainless steel, the design is a feat of manufacturing and engineering. Each segment of the design is independently cast and polished before it comes together to form this magical unified structure. The Lyfe Wine Rack thus celebrates the display of wine and liquor with a new shape that is highly functional and eye-catching.

Behind the Scenes