Leser Bowl Collection

for Steelforme

Steelforme's philosophy was to celebrate humanity using laser-cut metal, hence each collection always included an element of philosophy, nature, or math. Alvaro created three collections for the Canadian-based brand inspired by different natural structures and phenomenons.  The first one is Voronoi, a mathematical sequence used for fragmentation. To stay true to the process we utilized parametric algorithms to create these elegant and modern pieces. 


A homage to the beauty of nature and the divine proportions, the Nautilus bowls take the shape of a spiraling pattern that mimics that of the Nautilus shell. A soft curve brings the spiral movement of the bowl back into itself, creating an eternal rhythm. Gold-plated, each bowl shines with astonishing splendor.



Capturing this invisible power that holds us to the ground, beautiful rays of energy flow around each bowl in the Magnetism collection. The stainless steel and copper-plated finish give the bowl a radiating glow that multiplies the effect of the pattern.