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Gloo "Glue Gun Reimagined"

The Gloo was designed to tackle three significant problems makers face with current glue guns; they rarely can stand upright, the trigger produces finger exhaustion, and it is hard to know when it is hot and ready to use. With a low center of gravity, a light that indicates when it's ready to use, a translucent window to show if the glue sticks are jammed or about to finish, and a new trigger mechanism that spreads the stress evenly through the hand, the Gloo is a fresh take on an old problem.

A glue gun you won't be sad to be burned by


Aryaman Giri Gundala


Spring 2022


Design Features




What I learned

My favorite takeaway from this class was Alvaro's push to understand real-world manufacturing constraints. We were tasked with disassembling the products we wanted to improve, and this not only gave me insight into how companies design around off-the-shelf parts to save costs but also the design choices they made regarding their injection molds. This resulted in an actual prototype, not just another speculative design. It was a very holistic process.

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