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Cooking Tools

for Nambé

Cooking Tools

for Nambé

Cooking Tools

for Nambé

Cooking with Style




Stainless Steel, Wood


A trio of contemporary culinary essentials: The Novo Mortar and Pestle, a seamless solution for grinding herbs and spices effortlessly. Featuring a double-headed pestle, it caters to diverse needs, offering a broad surface for quick crushing or a more focused approach for a finer outcome.

The Novo Rolling Pin, designed to facilitate easy maneuvering at various angles as you flawlessly flatten dough, ensuring precise and uniform results every time.

Completing the set, the Twist Measuring Spoons, a delightful blend of elegance and functionality. These ingenious spoons provide accurate measurements with a graceful twist, imbuing your cooking experience with a sense of joy and finesse.


Novo Mortar and Pestle

Novo Rolling Pin

Twist Measuring Spoons

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