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Holiday Collection

for Nambé

Holiday Collection

for Nambé

Holiday Collection

for Nambé

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year




Wood and Metal


Adex Design Award

Traditions and beliefs are a key part of everyone's life. For over ten years I have looked to capture the joyful spirit of holiday traditions in a contemporary and modern form. From Christmas, Catholic Deities, to Valentines.



Celebrate the Christmas season with the Holy Family. This 13-piece Miniature Nativity Set crafted in lustrous Nambé Alloy and rich acacia wood keeps the true meaning of the holiday at the forefront of your holiday decor. With heads bowed, Mary and Joseph gaze affectionately at baby Jesus lying in his manger in front of a beautifully arched crèche of carved wood. Onlookers include the Three Wise Men, Angel, Shepherd with Sheep, and Animals.

Functional Items


2012-2014 Ornaments

The design looked to capture the most elegant gesture of each holiday motive. By eliminating material and turning thin and large strockes into theedimentional forms, each ornament hangs lightly while still shining its unique spirit. The Nambé bestselling 2013 Ornaments collection is composed of bright rings and festive flourishes—and thanks to the tarnish-resistant properties of the alloy, this very special ornament will show up brilliantly against the deep greens of pine boughs and the rich reds of the holiday.

2015-2018 Ornaments