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In love with form, obsessed with function, driven by design 

Alvaro is a Creative Director, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Mentor with 11 years of experience in the design-led consumer product and decorative industries. His designs have won numerous awards, including four prestigious Red Dot Awards, five Good Design Awards, among others. He also founded Aztro Marketplace, an online store dedicated to empowering international brands to enter new markets. Alvaro's unique talent is his ability to translate a brand vision into a high-level business strategy, encompassing everything from product design to creative direction.

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Our projects have been recognized by the leading awards in the industry and published in worldwide publications 



Our approach is driven by purpose and our client's user's needs and wants. We bring a multidisciplinary perspective with years of experience in bringing ideas to market. 

Design Direction

- Product Strategy & Roadmapping

- Creative Direction

- Product DNA Definition

- Portfolio / Brand Tune-up

- Branding / Messanging

- Web Design, UX Design

Product Design

- Competitive Audit

- Concept Design

- Design Development

- Prototyping 

- Engineering Support

- Packaging


- Art Direction

- Newsletters

- Collaterals

- Press Releases