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Pratt Legends Award

Faculty Advisor 2015-2019

The Legends Awards celebrate distinguished individuals and corporations in design whose accomplishments and values resonate with Pratt Institute's. Each year, Legends raises vital funds to provide financial aid to Pratt students based on need and merit and give them a token to commemorate their influence. For four consecutive years, Alvaro chose to mentor and guide one selected senior to design and produce the awards these memorable recipients would receive. 


Laurie Anderson • Iris Apfel • Ralph Appelbaum • Santiago Calatrava • Daniel Boulud • Mario Buatta • Nina Campbell • Dale Chihuly • Angela Conner • Fleur Cowles • Christo and Jeanne-Claude • Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel • Michele Oka Doner • David Easton • William T. Georgis • Timothy Greenfield-Sanders • Pete Hamill • Cathy Hardwick • Kim Hastreiter • Tommy Hilfiger • Shirley Hill • Al Hirschfeld • Marc Jacobs • Helmut Jahn • George Kalinsky • Ellsworth Kelly • Wendy Kvalheim • Emily Fisher Landau • Kenneth Lane • Naomi Leff • John Loring • Peter Marino • Mary McFadden • Miguel McKelvey • Juan Montoya • Takashi Murakami • Beverly Pepper • Karim Rashid • Stanford Richards • Maximilian Riedel • Joan Rivers • David Rockwell • James Rosenquist • Margaret Russell • Paula Scher • Julian Schnabel • Robert Siegel • Victor Skrebneski • Patti Smith • Julie Taymor • Barbara Tober • Pauline Trigère • James Turrell • Emanuel Ungaro • William Wegman • Bruce Weber • Stephan Weiss • Kehinde Wiley • Reba White Williams and Dave Williams • Tod Williams and Billie Tsien • William T. Williams • Robert Wilson • David Yurman • Eva Zeisel • Past Corporate Legends: Lawrence Herbert, Pantone, Inc. • Joseph Pacifico, Culinart • Philip Morris • Steelcase

Legends 2016

Student Designer- Megan Lighty

Megan's award looked to communicate the role model position a legend plays for the younger generation in each industry. Two abstracted volumes propose a conversation between an idol and his ambitious admirer. 

Legends 2017

Student Designer - Audrey Krumenacker

Audry's interpretation of a legend is who had managed to find balance in all aspects of his professional life. She translated this in a metaphorical form of a glass cairn. Working with the glassblowers at Simon Pierce, she created a delicate reflection of that balance. 

Legends 2018

Student Designer - Pierce Reid

Pierce's understanding of a legend, is that who is self-aware, conscious of his strengths and weaknesses. In this way, the award takes shape of a proud rock body that is polished to create a mirror, and remind the honoree of his influence.


Legends 2019

Student Designer - Stacie Chen

Stacie looked to illustrate the ups and downs it takes to achieve success and create lasting influence. A thin bronze ribbon stands lightly, celebrating the longevity of creativity and perseverance.

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