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for Slide SRL


Italian maRVel

Slide is a leading furniture brand in Italy, renowned for its work in both residential and hospitality spaces. Their manufacturing expertise lies in rotational molding. When tasked with designing a chair, I aimed to bring a fresh perspective to rotomolded chairs by incorporating a visually rich, three-dimensional pattern that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Inspired by iconic Italian symbols such as art, pasta, and architecture, I drew upon a memory of the Roman Colosseum and the way light filters through its arches. This vision led to the creation of a volumetric form, which evolved into the Colosseum Chair.

MILAN 2024

Working with Slide, we engineered the chair to be manufactured using a two-part mold while preserving the elegance of the arch details. The chair debuted at Milan 2024, showcased at Slide's booth and serving as a seating area for Salone Satellite. Beyond the trade fair, the chair also provided seating for Slide's iconic event at the Indigo Hotel.

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