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Wooda, a Wisconsin-based furniture brand, is committed to transforming innovative design stories into exquisite wooden creations. Alvaro Uribe worked with the brand to refresh its branding, solidify its identity, craft a cohesive product strategy, and revamp their web presence. Through his efforts, Wooda sharpened its brand image and enhanced its ability to captivate and engage its target audience, solidifying its position in the competitive market.

Understanding the target

Our first step was to understand Wooda’s customer base, focusing on two primary profiles: well-informed women who are passionate about interior design, knowledgeable about finishes and materials, and view their homes as both spiritual sanctuaries and evolving art pieces; and young interior designers who create luxurious, stylish spaces for wealthy clients, characterized by their trendsetting, urban-chic aesthetics, and strong industry connections. This understanding allowed us to tailor Wooda’s branding, product strategy, and web presence to resonate deeply with these sophisticated and design-savvy audiences.

sharing the vision

To penetrate new markets, it was crucial to articulate the brand’s fundamental driving elements, transcending product archetypes. We crafted an aesthetically rich and comprehensive guideline that elucidated Wooda’s unique guiding principles. This ensured that both internal and external teams could seamlessly grasp and convey the distinctive essence of the brand, amplifying its appeal and coherence across all touchpoints.


Web Celebrate Design

Our brand passionately celebrates the harmonious fusion of aesthetics, function, materials, manufacturing excellence, and emerging trends, shaping remarkable creations that epitomize the artistry and innovation of our time.



We approach each creation with meticulous care, honoring the essence of this precious resource by using it thoughtfully and sustainably, ensuring its enduring legacy for generations to come.



By combining cutting-edge technologies, unconventional forms, and imaginative construction methods, we create captivating pieces that challenge the status quo and redefine design possibilities.


In redesigning Wooda’s logo, we immersed ourselves in the brand’s rich history, core focus, and the motivations of its founders. Our aim was to honor its legacy while encapsulating its commitment to merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Through thorough research and drawing inspiration from the innate beauty of wood, we integrated organic shapes and textures into the new design. The result is a seamless evolution of the previous emblem, embodying the essence of craftsmanship and innovation while reflecting Wooda’s distinct identity and unwavering dedication to quality.


Additionally, we crafted comprehensive brand guidelines that underscored Wooda’s commitment to design excellence across various channels, from their website and social media to print media. These guidelines featured sophisticated and luxurious typography, complemented by a color palette inspired by the natural beauty of Wooda’s products, ensuring a cohesive and refined visual identity across all platforms.



We adopted a strategic business approach to pinpoint Wooda's next focus areas. By identifying market opportunities aligned with their capabilities, we formulated a new set of categories to unlock fresh channels for the brand. As part of this endeavor, we also contributed to defining the characteristics and objectives essential for a product to be deemed authentically Wooda..


Makes a Statement

Bold, daring, and unapologetic, our furniture collection makes a statement that demands attention, exuding confidence and individuality to transform any space into an unforgettable expression of style and personality.



Furniture that seamlessly merge patterns, textures, and forms with refined craftsmanship, offering a harmonious blend of elegance and sophistication that elevates any space with timeless allure.


Tells a Story

Each piece in our collection tells a captivating story, weaving together elements of craftsmanship, heritage, and imagination. Users embark on a journey through time and culture, as our furniture breathes life into spaces, sparking conversations.

A LIFestyle around wood

Wooda isn't just about selling furniture; it's about embracing a lifestyle centered around the beauty of wood, manifested through exquisite furniture pieces. That's why we made a deliberate choice to showcase Wooda's reverence for the origins of wood through vibrant forest imagery from Wisconsin. This approach allows users to forge a deeper connection with the brand, immersing themselves in its ethos and appreciating the natural essence that underpins every creation.

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