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Add-on Brush

In order to make cleaning easier for customers, I created a multifunctional brush that was inspired by Joseph Joseph's design. After thoughtful market research, I discovered existing brushes only have single functions, so customers have to buy additional brushes to clean different dinnerware. For example, a decanter needs a long sponged tool, while a porcelain mug might need a short sponged head. Consequently, I designed a tool with replaceable heads and adjustable handle length. The brush can be adjusted to three lengths by rotating the handle. Users can have three choices of brush heads, including flat, round, and sponge brush heads.

Adjustable Brush Sytsem


Chenxi Guo


Spring 2021


Design Features




What I learned

I have learned how to apply detailed market research to identify the design potential and to use it to arrive at market-relevant solutions and products.

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