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Chiku Chiku Massager

Two-headed massage gun


Xiner Zhang


Pratt Insitute


Spring 2022

Traditionally massagers are objects you keep in a drawer or under the bed. My goal was to elevate the perception and experience of this product. Inspired by Alessi, the design takes a metaphorical shape of a cactus on a pot that can elegantly be displayed on a table. Based on research, I found that most people needed to treat more than one spot of their bodies. Hence the massager integrates two massaging heads that can hit simultaneously or in intervals. To make this possible, I effectively maximized the space of the tool by incorporating a 2-direction motor and reducing the battery's size for better portability and frequency of charging.

Design Features




What I learned

In this project, I experienced a very complete design process and all my design skills were improved. I started with brand and market research, identified problems, came up with ideas, and then continuously tested and refined those ideas using 2D&3D&3D Printing sketches. Finally, I made the digital model, the prototype and visualization for the best one. The most valuable to me is that it covered preliminary target brand research and considered the product details for large-scale industrial production, making me feel like I was actually working on a commercial project instead of a school project.

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