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Home-safe Box Opener

The Home-safe box opener is designed to fit two primary goals. The first is to protect kids from playing with the blade and accidentally get hurt. Two wheels on the product function as blade guards when it’s not being used. To reveal the blade, users will need to use one hand to keep pressing down the rectangular pin on the left side until using another hand to slide the sliding bar on the other side. This two hand operation safety to the process of opening the blade. In addition, being the size similar to a pair of scissors allows people to store it and find it easily and properly. The second goal is to provide an opportunity of changing the depth of the blade to users. This need is particularly important when users are opening a box that carries precious, valuable, or vulnerable goods. By adjusting the position of the two wheels on the product, the length of the revealed blade is changing as well. Pushing the wheels all the way to the end means the blade reaches maximum length, and the cutting depth will be around 1.25 inches.

Friendly on Kids, Sharp on Packages


Shengyue Fang


Fall 2022


Design Features