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Mint Slicer

Herb Slicer


Tai Cheng


Pratt Insitute


Fall 2020

The Mint Slicer aims to help people cut foods into different widths of pieces. The current food slicer can only cut food into uniform sizes, making the user do more work or have multiple tools. I explored various ways of allowing the user to have more versatility; in the end, I was inspired by a compass and how it opens, which led to my final design. Hence, the knob of the Mint Slicer allows you to change the blade's spacing by simply rotating it.

Design Features




What I learned

In this class, I was able to implement the entire design process and skills into one tool. The class structure gave me a sense of a professional setting, presenting and sharing ideas with other designers and thinking of all stakeholders' needs and wants. This course gave me a view of how to think about the business and the forces behind the scenes of design.

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