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Pheeew - Essential Oil Diffuser

Inspired by an elephant squirting water, this idea adds a fun and playful twist to ordinary animal behavior, deriving an extraordinary design solution for a Bluetooth essential oil diffuser.You can turn Pheeew's nose to change the mist direction. Pheeew's ears have small built-in clips so that the upper body can securely rest on the lower body. Pheeew can continuously mist for 3-4 hours and intermittently mist for 5-8 hours. When a recharge is needed, plug in the USB-C cable to the socket at the back of Pheeew's butt.May Pheeew brings you a peaceful and joyful day.

The Elephant in the room


Cathy He


Spring 2022


Design Features




What I learned

Coming from a non-design background, this has been the first class that logically took me through the whole industrial design process of a product, from studying the history and DNA of a beloved brand for inspiration to researching existing products and the market and analyzing consumer needs and wants; from learning the mechanism of a diffuser to ideating and prototyping with an existing electronic component. It was the first time I made a product with electronic components that worked. I have also been more determined to create things that will spark joy after taking this class.

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